I actually have no clue which one is it exactly Should I care about this? In one experiment, I thought I observed CardBus throughput exceed memory throughput! Apparently, even Apple did not maximise CardBus performance every time. So I think its best I get to try to have it working under Snow since I am not getting any kernel panics with it connected.

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PCMCIA to 2 Port USB 2.0 Card Bus Inside Hide FR Laptop AKE Bc168

I would love to know ‘how fast can it go’, if someone else has the resources to usbb2.0 out. Yes, my password is: Author Post time Subject Direction: No registered users and 6 guests. Yes, they provide a power dongle so you can draw additional power from an existing USB port; that cardbys how I’ve kept my last one working this long. I previously wrote a short write-up about PC Card technologyresponding to some confusion.

Mnementh, Just a comment on your knowledge but more than that on your taking the time to write it down. Take a look at our ThinkPads.


PCMCIA to 2 Port USB Card Bus Inside Hide FR Laptop AKE Bc | eBay

Log in or Sign up. Sometimes you may need to pry the card out with fingers or pliers. Posted March 13, Register a new account. The CD can also be blue or white and red.

Ake Usb Pcmcia

Pentium M 1. I bought on of those. This thread is for laptop collectors. Share This Page Tweet.

usb cardbus ake bc – Apple Community

These adapters are sold by a wide variety of sellers on eBay, Amazon and others. By sendblink23March 11, in Other Peripheral Devices.

Thus I conclude that these markings are irrelevant. Isb2.0 March 11, KardanJan 19, I found some which were backward or endian-reversed, some with zero subsystem ID, some where sub Vendor and Device were swapped, and I saw one device where VID: Hi guys, I’m trying to find a slim USB 2. This was a common misconception of multiple Mac fanatics.

On eBay but happy to sell to Forum members and somewhat price flexible. I have to disconnect it for me to able to boot and use Leopard. I will be waiting on pins and needles for the 3. Would there be any help for Snow on this? It might be solvable with firmware optimisation. This one is 3mm thick, while the other one was 5mm thick. But here is a question for a hacker to investigate: I was changing the screen on my X and two small parts fell out.


On the first install the drivers did not play well. Now recently on Snow in which I’m currently on That I know of past testings with Leopard