In order to stay as up-to-date as possible, artist and market sector indices are updated on a monthly basis or other suitable time period to reflect the addition of new data to comparable sets, these updates may be available for purchase by users. Step 1 — Program your content in software, and save to FB4 inside your laser. And you do not need to have a PC, console or anything connected, to trigger the playback. The methodology requires the confidence interval to be calculated. A combination of these two methodologies may be considered as a conclusive index method as it combines the best attributes of each method. This separation of hedonic elements of an artwork allows HR to consider how different characteristics affect the value of an artwork.

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In order to obtain a robust artist index in early years, when artists’ data are limited, base years may be selected for each artist based on data overlap. Similarly, Comparable Set i,s is a variable taking the value 1 when the artwork i belongs to Comparable Set s and 0 otherwise.

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FB4 has a built in clock, so that you can tell the system to play the show or content you created back, at a specified date and time. Against the background discussed above, the present inventors have invented a sophisticated art index methodology utilizing a large, aggregated public art market database. If the index values move outside of the first index’s confidence interval, then the new index values replace the prior values.

Systems and methods for automatically generating an art index. A computer readable medium having computer-executable components for performing a process of automatically developing an art index, the process comprising: In the case of embodiments of the present invention, data completion occurs at the base level: The presence of the past value in this interval indicates that there is no statistically significant difference between the previous value and the most recent one, and thus, no action is taken.


To create and run a laser show, you need a laser control system. To standardize and catalogue a market with the limitations of having a high level of heterogeneity paired with limited liquidity and turnover can result in increasingly complex solutions. Market Index Value Calculation A discussion of how artists are selected to represent a market index, such as Contemporary or Latin American, and how the end market index values are generated, is provided below.

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Index Generation Methodology One of the biggest challenges to developing an effective art index is the control of the underlying heterogeneity of artworks. The method of claim 1, wherein estimating an art index value comprises giving more weight to higher valued art works than to lower valued art works in the comparable set. With the item having h characteristics, the hedonic regression model for item j is as follows: What moem is a discussion on the various modules of an embodiment of an index generation system of the present invention, the calculations involved in generating the indices, and a guide through the process of viewing and understanding the indices.

Artworks with similar core characteristics are organized into groups according to their specific criteria. These are outlined modrm. In stepthe index generation system also allows for several report varieties, which track the performance of individual artists, market sectors, or comparable sets from an artist’s career.

Just run power to the laser, and you are setup and done. Other input devices not shown may include a microphone, joystick, game pad, satellite dish, scanner, or the like.

Compute total lots sold and median price for each artist per year, excluding prints. Increased heterogeneity could bias the model, making it imperative to ensure that all items in a comparable set display a high level of homogeneity, to pass both subjective tests by art scholars and objective tests by statistical analysts. For artists with sufficient sales history, users are able to combine or compare comparable rxternal for a single artist.


An equal-weight index is derived due to a weight matrix that forces the model to give each artist the exact same importance:. The system is also operative to generate various types of reports. In the first stepdata from a price database e. The method of claim 1, wherein estimating an art index value comprises giving equal weight to each art externql in the comparable set.

For art analysts, it has always been a challenge to consider the individual qualities of an artwork while establishing a system to treat art data in mofem more scientific manner. When used in a Artney environment, the computing device 12 is connected to the local area network 51 through a network interface or adapter 53which is one type of communications device.

The methodology requires the confidence interval to be calculated.

A computing system for developing an art index, comprising: Currently most professional laser projectors have the ability for FB4 to be integrated, and in time, all laser projectors will operate in this manner. Nevertheless, if the purchase and the sales price of every object sold over artnft long period of time are known, RSR can be a more efficient measure of financial return for the art market.

The equal-weight matrix is: