This driver works on Windows 5. In Zoneminder different settings of the modprobe file are required and when using the Windows software supplied with the windows cards expansion is selected during initial installation and configuration of the software – but NOTE: I just ran my installer again. Each one selects a different input on your 4 input card. I finally heard back from the seller on Trade Me However if you use all four camera inuts then the maximum frame rate per camera will go down to about 6 FPS per camera. It isn’t full of features but by the sound of things will do what you want.

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DVR Surveillance software You may find you will need the correct drivers for the card and software to work.

Conexant Fusion 878a EZ View 4 Channel Driver

Software was very easy to set up and works perfectly. Anyway, I was’nt expecting much from it so not all is lost. There bt878z be some confusion whenusing certain models of these cards in modern PCI slots.

If you see 4 composite inputs listed then you should have 4 channels available. Why not buy a cheap 4 channel PCI card like a Swann that comes with software and drivers and is supported locally.

Although the a has been around for a long while now, the support and versatility of this card makes it a constantly popular choice for developers, enthusiats and even beginners. You run it the first time and select remove all BT drivers and then run it again and choose install BT drivers.

This card is a highly popular model for a number of reasons. Edited March 1, by Guest. Sign up for a new account in our community. Before you ask a question, or before you get upset by a response, see here: This expansion does of course drastically reduce the available frame rate to about 6 FPS per channel so its advisable to use 2 x 8 channel cards to be reviewed next if you need 16 channels as then you will be able to achieve 16 channels at 25 FPS per channel.


Kodicom Out Of Production Sunday, November 24th, Well it was bound to happen eventually and now the Kodicom and its clones are finally no longer available. I was am looking at doing something similar myself with a couple of cameras hooked up to my iMac which is in sleep mode all day.

What makes this card really usefull is the fact that it can operate with Windows WDM drivers supplied which then allows the card to be used with 3rd party applications like Active Webcam, Argus DVR surveillance, iCatcher and GO etc. I finally heard back from the seller on Trade Me Well it was bound to happen eventually and now the Kodicom and its clones are finally no longer available. I was looking at the geovision gv but have noticed it only has 1 chip as well.

DVR Surveillance software

May be of use to someone bt78a day but it has certain hardware requirements. I had spent hours before hand fighting the camera to get it to work in a browser.

We supply stick on heatsinks to order and will fit the heatsinks prior to dispatch on any of our BT cards if they are ordered at the same time as the cards. And nimrod i am very expeirenced with blueiris so let me know dvd ya need any help.

Recent Drivers  2560P BLUETOOTH DRIVER

Get the perfect match for your driver More than 5 million happy users. Remember this though, after bt878aa select an input you have to select ok and let box close, Blue Iris will reset and try input, takes about 5 seconds.

How fast is your internet? Your other alternative is a dedicated hardware DVR. OK I lucked out, the IP camera fired up with minimal problems.

Driver problems with bta – DVR Cards and Software – PC Based Systems –

Jeff, I just want to be sure you understood me on how to set up the cameras. I just have 1 home surveillance computer and it is xp home 32 bit.

After I had it that far setting it up in Blue Iris was fairly easy especially because it was a camera with a default setup.

If you expand the 4 port card the frame rate per channel will be reduced. The 4 channel 4 chip model is a Kodicom clone of the card and can be expanded using our 4 channel expander boards to a maximium of 16 channels on the single card.

Hey man thanks for the reply. This is due to a number of things, its old technology, difficulty in getting components and the availability of the type of slot required for this card in the most modern machines.