Trigger on an arbitrarily set pattern of up to bits. Trigger on the 7th edge of signal on B. Can check functions with graphical online help You can view detailed graphical explanations of the oscilloscope’s functions by pressing the “? With the History function, you can display just one or all of the previously captured waveforms history waveforms on screen. What’s New April 17,

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Complicated trigger and decode settings such as bit rate and threshold level are automatically detected by DLM Yokogawa is slm2024 leading manufacturer of oscilloscope hardware.

Yokogawa DLM2024

Thumbnails of saved filesThumbnail can be viewed full-size. Normally, searching for data takes time and costs money, and long memory is useless without functions for extracting desired data from a large capacity memory.

Automated measurement can be performed using up to 20 of these waveform parameters. Trend display of waveform parameters Histogram display using the time axis. Enter your email address below and we’ll send you an email with ‘s information and line list dln2024.

With the DLM series, up to previously captured waveforms can be saved in the acquisition memory. It is necessary to update main unit firmware in advance to V3. If you’re like most users, your digitizer shares lab space with a mixture of test equipment dl2m024 different manufacturers that make digitizers or real-time oscilloscopes.


It’s ergonomic andeasy to use,and packedwithfeatures. FlexRay trigger and analysis 4 ch model only.

Testech – A Tier 1 Manufacturers Representative for Electronic Test And Measurement Equipment

In a single screen you can observe period-by-period fluctuations, compute amplitudes every screen using multiple waveforms, and display amplitudes as trends. You can also perform cursor measurement, computation, and other operations on history waveforms. With Auto Scroll you can choose forward, backward, fast-forward, scroll speed, and other control options.

Waveforms and analysis results from busses with different speeds can be displayed using 2 Zoom windows. A compact “personal oscilloscope” designed for easy viewing and ease of use.

Switch between analog and logic channels Flexible MSO input Four channels is not sufficient to view the functioning of digital control circuits.

Intelligent serial bus auto setup: No practical limit One-click reporting: Dln2024 EDA analysis compatibility: Dedicated power supply analysis options are available 4 ch models only for switching loss, joule integral i 2 tSOA safe hsb area analysis, harmonic analysis of power supply current based on Dl2024, and other power parameter measurement such as active power, power dm2024 etc.

It will provide richer analysis, debug and exploration, and accelerate your project’s measurement work with capabilities like collaboration, analysis automation, automatic detection of signal-integrity faults, and a rich library of measurements and compliance applications without the need to program.


M1 features Software subscription avail: Trend and histogram displays Waveform parameters such as period, pulse width, and amplitude can be measured repeatedly and displayed in graphs.

Each channel has 14 low pass filters available from 8 kHz to MHz. You can press the key repeatedly and conveniently leave traces for comparing multiple waveforms. The image and file names are shown so that you can view screen image contents while copying or deleting files. The DLM is a bench-top oscilloscope for electronic design or debug.

Yokogawa Dlm2024 Mixed Signal Scope MSO 4ch 200 MHz W/ 4x Probes & Pods

Display trends of peak-to-peak or pulse width per cycle. Switching Loss Analysis Utilizing the long memory capability, voltage and current waveforms over long cycles can be input for computation of switching loss V t X i t. Inputs supported for serial bus analysis.

This license is only valid for 4 ch models. Four channels is not sufficient to view the functioning of digital control circuits. Trigger on the 7th edge of signal on B. Waveforms of limited bandwidths are stored in internal memory.