They said no scanner was installed, though Agfa’s FotoLook works fine. And the plane of focus should be on the glass, have you made any test for that? Speaking of the DuoScan: A SAI is mandatory otherwise a great scanner. But otherwise computer working is just terapeutic, no chem, no processing machine, no darkness

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Agfa Duoscan T Well, sorry for those years Re-looking at the picture it looks like a 50 at the scanner and a 50 at the computer. Originally Posted by Duoscxn Dewdney.

Similar Threads Duoscan T Agfa Duoscan T I am considering the purchase of a scanner for negs and chromes. The film included, there will be 8 dust surfaces! The time now is Agfa Duoscan T just remember Maybe this could be solved with a better software but I don’t know if it’s possible to get any for this scanner as it has been years out of market.

Agfa Duoscan T1200 – Le encontré la vuelta. Fijate cómo.

The adapter I got is this one It says ” Provides an internal pin SCSI connector and an external DB connector, allowing for the connection of up to seven SCSI devices” The book also shows using the 50 pin at the scanner and I thought a 25pin at the computer, a closer look it is not clear but it looks to be a 50 pin connection at the computer.


Many thanks – Dave. Bookmarks Bookmarks Duooscan del. As I say, not sure if this will work with the drawer? I definitely don’t have the pin job on both dioscan. I’ll check the cables tomorrow if you want. Now I need to find a cable, and search for a card to work if the internal connection on duodcan adapter in the above link wont fit the cable.

Scanning negs with my Duoscan results in pics that are anything but the preview and has different colors on the opposite side of film.

They made a firewire version. By David Richhart in forum Digital Hardware.

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Or does it look like the big end on both? The older T model I can’t say for sure. Agfa Duoscan T The solution for Newton’s rings with the scanner is the same as it is for an enlarger–anti-Newton glass, anti-Newton spray, a light dusting of cornstarch or talc though the latter three make a mess.

I just about chucked the scanner until I finally tried a SCSI-2 card and the right cable and voila, it worked. Agfa Duoscan T How can newton rings be avoided with the Duoscan?


Can anyone post a review or opinion of the Duoscan T before I spend my duiscan earned money? When I try to load the drivers on startup Windows gives me an error, though I never thought much of it since the Agfa program worked fine.

Agfa DuoScan T Manuals

But from year today will be correct. Some type of current correction device? I don’t know anything about your model of Agfa though. The Agfa soft was great but they stopped making it for OSX.

All times are GMT A SAI is mandatory otherwise a great scanner. As a proffessional darkroom worker for more than 30 decades I consider dust in the digital workflow more severe than ever with analog processes.

As someone who bought a DuoScan and then read this thread about duscan month ago, let me be clear: By Christopher Nisperos in forum Darkroom: