This study shows that posterior occlusal support is necessary to optimise survival. Translucency changes of direct esthetic restorative materials after curing, aging and treatment. ANOVA revealed significant differences between groups p Direct composite Z with cusp coverage is a desirable treatment for weakened teeth. Teaching of direct posterior resin composite restorations in UK dental therapy training programmes. Two ceramic veneers showed cracking in the labial area. No associations were found with compomer, nor with amalgam exposure levels among children randomized to amalgam. Mean follow-up of 30 months has shown a combined success rate of

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Epoxy resin replicas were made and coated for scanning electron microscopy examination. Ninety class II cavities with margins extending 1mm below the cement-enamel junction were prepared in extracted mandibular third molars. For all the resin-modified glass-ionomer restorative materials, the Young’s modulus reached a maximum value one month after mixing and remained relatively stable thereafter. The reconstruction of a functional and individual occlusion is difficult to achieve with direct application techniques.

A vertical occlusal load of N was applied, and nodal displacements on the bottom cutting surfaces were constrained in all directions. A systematic review and meta-analysis.

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DIAGNOdent showed a greater accuracy in detecting secondary caries under primary molar restorationscompared to enfacs. For each group, sectioned restorations were immersed in dye. Despite the large numbers of studies there is no consensus, what kind of teeth reconstruction– direct or indirect enfface restorations are the most beneficial and the most durable.

However, both flowable composite and enamel etching could not prevent gap formation at enamel-resin interfaces and crack formation on enamel walls.


The aim of the study was to assess direct restorations mechanical properties both in vitro and in vivo to improve dental restorations quality after root canal treatment. While there are numerous recommendations regarding preparation design, restoration placement, and polymerization technique, current research indicates that restoration longevity depends on several variables that may be difficult for the dentist to control.

In latethe authors, with the assistance of the Consortium of Operative Dentistry Educators, invited 67 U.

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However, the available evidence revealed inconclusive results. This systematic review was carried out to assess the clinical effectiveness of nanofilled and nanohybrid composites used for direct restorations in comparison with microhybrid composites. Our objective was to assess the radiopacity of 28 brands of light-cured composite resins and compare their radiopacity with that of enamel, dentin, and aluminum of equivalent thickness. Due to the damage of the fractured part of the maxillary left central incisor, direct composite restoration of this tooth was performed.

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Find your model to match the appropriate cord and power z5000. Tooth wear is increasing in severity and prevalence, partly because of an ageing population and partly because of modern lifestyles.


Driver Assist most recommended and Smart Driver Updater. Recording of the AE started at the same time as curing of the composite and lasted 10 min. The concept of equivalent Young’s modulus so measured could be applied for stress simulation of 2D and 3D dental restoration. Composite resin restorations are a universal restorative material familiar to dentists from early-on in the undergraduate curriculum.

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Direct restoration of endodontically treated maxillary central incisors: Post placement shows no additional effect except for decoronated endodontically treated incisors. A dentin-cement-prosthesis complex restored with either all-porcelain, cured resin- compositeor cast base metal alloy and cemented with either of the different enfacr cements was trimmed into a mini-dumbbell shape for tensile testing.

ejface In recent years, bis-acryl resin composite material has gained popularity among clinicians for the direct fabrication of provisional fixed restorations. Adhesive failures are mostly observed with X-tra fil bulk fill compositeswhereas mixed failures are more common with other bulk fill composites.

The stronger horizontal E field of 1. All specimens were subjected to thermo-cycling. According to the results of this study, neither the size nor the amount of inorganic particles in the evaluated composite resin materials predicts if the material will exhibit good fluorescence. Optical properties of composite restorations influenced by dissimilar dentin restoratives.