The Hamborough Tavern was razed to the ground. Spandau wrote some quality pop songs, of course, and I have to admit to a tinge of jealousy regarding Elms’s love life he dated Sade , but his views on Oi are laughably poor journalism. You get the picture. At worst, they were seen as modern day brown shirts responsible for the riots in Southall, Toxteth and the rest. Polydor dropped the band. Punk Lives mag calculated that Oi sold over two million in the first four years by , total sales by Oi groups and groups influenced by Oi stand at well over eleven million. Infa-Riot tried a similarly doomed direction change, releasing an LP of unbelievably ‘ordinary’ rock in before finally breaking up the following year.

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Childhood mates, they had grown up together on the Brockley Whinns council estate in South Shields and later attended Stanhope Road Secondary Modern school Mensi got expelled from the local grammar school at thirteen for delinquency. For this act, he was convicted of unlawfully fighting and making an affray, and given a suspended sentence.

Although they called themselves sorewdriver , Red Action were led by hard-core Irish nationalists and we disagreed passionately about Ulster and the Falklands. The young men oozed machismo, but some of the women were just as tough. Increasingly it seems that the voices that would bushell our media, the arts and public spaces generally are being squeezed out by rising tuition fees, funding cuts and a housing crisis exacerbated by redevelopment and gentrification.


It was anti-police, anti-authority but pro-Britain too. Back in ’82, Blitz and The Business had clearly emerged as the new vanguard Oi desperately needed.

Nicky Crane

Where were you based at the time, Siebe? Their songs were about East End life, boozers, battles, police harassment and football. Drummers were to come and go with the regularity of a high-fibre diet until Stix transferred from the Upstarts in Correspondingly, the Rejects’ music began to move away from hooligan racket towards more mainstream rock. Views Read Edit View history.

No Oi band had sported swaztikas like the Sex Pistols had done.

There are idiots and psychos in any movement. The next morning, the Cockney contingent split into two vans — one that went on to the next gig at Huddersfield, the other containing Mickey and Grant that went cruising round the city looking for any likely punters who might know the whereabouts of their stolen gear. The Angelic Upstarts lost their momentum in as well, skrewdriveer dropped by Warners in the summer.

By continuing to use this srewdriver , you agree to their use. No one’s gonna disrupt them or pick on our fans. With the election results still ringing in our ears the British Library hosted a night dedicated to freedom of speech.

I only really got involved with this stuff busnell late 80s, when there had been a bit of an injection of hedonism into that network. Street punks were disgusted both by the proliferation of phoneys and posers and the Kings Road conmen with their rip-off boutiques.

The Mail’s ferocious attack on Oi! Oi had taken off in most European countries by the mid-eighties, producing exciting distinctive bands such as Oxymoron in Germany and Discipline in Belgium. Of course, if I hadn’t been impatient, I would have said, right, fucking scrap this, let’s shoot something else entirely. The latest miscreant is Robert Elms. He appears in two shots — the one as in the picture above but only from the shoulders upwards and one in front of a backdrop of Piccadilly Circus.


At first Mickey seemed to revel in it all, acting like he was living out some Cagney movie. Hodges is 21 and an unemployed brick layer.

Nicky Crane: The secret double life of a gay neo-Nazi – BBC News

Naturally the far right loved it. The beats breathing new life into the ancient pages of the Magna Carta, which was on display throughout the night. And once again conference voted unanimously to back pro-working class campaigns.

It was important not to look like a scruff or a student. To the establishment, Oi was an upstart from a bushlel block slum who wouldn’t keep in line.

Nicky Crane – Wikipedia

Like them it was rough, ready and suffused with more spirit than Mystic Challenge. Strong words that they had to back up the first time they played outside of the East End, supporting the Upstarts at the Electric Ballroom in Camden. Unfortunately, Oi’s vinyl health during wasn’t reflected on the streets.