Release the zero insertion force ZIF connector 1 to which the keyboard cable is connected and disconnect the keyboard cable 2 from the system board. Fast Charge Technology does not apply to cell Ultra-Capacity batteries. Any Condition Any Condition. Slide the heat sink 3 to the right and remove it. Check voltage setting on docking device. Top cover Section 5. Performing a Recovery from the Recovery Discs To perform a recovery from the recovery discs, follow these steps:

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HP Compaq Nx7400 Wireless WiFi Card 407575-002 Ref 286

Length Thread Width Silver 2 3. Careful handling should be exercised when removing these components.

May Document Part Number: An electronic device exposed to electrostatic discharge might not be affected at all and can work perfectly throughout a normal cycle. Weight includes 6-cell battery, GB hard drive, MB memory, Niic beginning troubleshooting, always check cable connections, cable ends, and drives for bent or damaged pins.

Password settings and security settings are not changed when you restore the factory settings. Y Reseat internal keyboard connector if applicable. Remove the display bezel 3. Remove the four Torx8 T8M2. h;


Runs the Disk Sanitizer erase cycle 3 times. The following options are available: N N Can bad Replace Run diagnostics sectors hard drive. Output Power for CKK 2. Your preferences go into effect when the computer restarts. This page requires Javascript. If you have an active Support Agreement or HP Care Pack, you can link them to your profile to ensure access to all services.

Remove the wireless antenna cables from the top cover clips 2 and 3 through which nx400 are routed.

Wait approximately 5 minutes. Niic the keyboard Section 5. Disconnect the TouchPad cable 2 from the nz7400 board. Length Thread Width Silver 1 Remove the backlight cover. To be effective, the conductive strips must be worn in contact with the skin. Initiating a Recovery from the Hard Drive Recovery Partition To initiate a recovery from the hard drive recovery partition, follow these steps: Automatic rate re-negotiation V. Position the computer with the right side toward you. Startup Check select Verify the system components needed for starting the models only computer.


Release the zero insertion force ZIF connector 1 to which the keyboard cable is connected and disconnect the keyboard cable 2 from the system board. Make special note of each screw and screw lock size and location during removal and replacement.

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Thermal paste is included with all heat sink and processor spare part kits. When enabled, USB legacy support allows the following: One screw that secures the hard drive to the computer screw is captured on bic cover by a C-clip; documented in Section 5.

Ignore changes and exit Cancel any changes entered during the current session. This tool applies to Microsoft Windows PC’s only. Up to five hours and forty five minutes. The display assembly must be disassembled to gain access to the backlight 1 and the liquid crystal display Nci panel 2.