They light blue, when enabled. Plus the advantageous combination of black and silver…. Inverted colors are especially irritating. But it seems to me that it’s too high for this model for these days. You can have a look at the configuration at this page.

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But I’m a left-hander, so I automatically inserted the remote into the wrong slot. You can hardly reproach DV with a low-quality case.

HP Pavilion dv5 laptop card reader drivers

It should be noted that you can also listen to music and browse photos in this mode. It’s not that such behavior differs from the other notebooks.

When I asked their permission to try, they said that I could do it only after I bought it. HP uses Altec Lancing speakers in these models. So it’s a nice add-on to the main functionality of the notebook. But as a rule, Hewlett-Packard takes its warranties very seriously.

Considering that everything is available “by default” – you don’t need to plug any devices and use additional cables… so, audio quality of this model is much higher than in similar models. Especially at the price of this notebook. It’s an all-purpose home multimedia notebook, designed mostly for home use and rare trips.


You don’t see them well either, when you stand near a desk with a notebook on it. But most of the time you have an impression that it’s burned-out they should have done vice versa – the button is alight, when the sound is enabled; it would have been more logical.

On the whole, the buttons and pavioion touchpad itself produce a nice impression.

SD card reader in DV won’t work in Windows 7. Can’t fin – HP Support Community –

There were no fool-proof mechanisms there, of course. But the remote is very useful, if you sit rather far from your notebook. The short cable does not allow to use sockets far from the notebook. I easily found pages with product specs and support.

This is convenient for right-handers. Pay attention to reflections in the panel.

Caps and Num lock indicators have a curious design — they are in the form of stripes at the side of the keyboard near the corresponding buttons. What concerns me, my fingers start to ache after a long period of typing.

Drivers for HP Pavilion dv6000 notebooks card readers

On the other hand, this solution is acceptable for a desktop notebook, jp it’s open on a desk most of the time. HP DV is bundled with lots of utilities. There is also a tray utility to control multimedia buttons. What concerns typing, the keys seemed hard to press, a traditional situation with HP and Compaq. Indeed, movies look very good.


What are the specifications of a HP Pavilion dv? – Quora

Did you try to install specific drivers or just install Windows 7 and hope it picked up the drivers? All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. By the way, I’d like to note one important peculiarity especially to those who don’t read manuals, like me — the remote control is installed into the Xpresscard slot on the rightnot into PCMCIA on the left!

Besides, HP bundles this computer with a number of other utilities HP photosmart premier, HP Software updatefor example, to copy photos or to download updates for drivers and utilities. I found no negative consequences. On one hand, it’s a large heavy desktop notebook, it usually needs a battery in case of power failures or for brief working sessions outdoors. But I’d like more control over this process. DV offers lots of interesting and useful features to its users here.