Please enter a reason for warning. That is just a waste of time. Before the win 8. But now I went back to the initial situation. Thanks a lot for your time. You get them this way:

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Zitat von maxbox im Beitrag 11 An explanation: Zitat And if I try other driver like Nvidia? This post does not match the desired netiquette of the Forum.

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Also with win 8. But now I went back to the initial situation. Nevertheless you may check according to my lstest post, if any device is compatible with the currently running “JMicron JMB36X Controller”. Regards Fernando My current System: Sometime at the first file copy when I open the systemthe copy is successful.

Then I delete the device. I have only a single IDE hard-disk. I re-install the JMB36x driver. Can I try with others driver or is only a waste of time? I must change that driver?


JMicron JMB36X SATA Controller Driver Driver – TechSpot

Define the content of the pm-notification here. You probably have to stick with the JMicron driver. And if I try other driver like Nvidia? You get them this way: Jmicron JMB36x Driver under win 8.

I think that this problem due to driver, It is possible for you? Hi, finally I found this great forum that help me with many drivers that I use under XP and my new Asus Z87 deluxe-dual mobo!

After the next reboot the OS Win8. I ask you, for safety: So there are at least 3 options for you: They will not work.

Driver download

Wed May 21, 6: The only drivers, which may work, are JMicron and the generic MS ones. Fernando Show info Posts:.

But if I try to copy another time the system stall for about seconds and the files copy stop. Before the win 8. Zitat von maxbox im Beitrag 9 Here the IDs: I use the last 1. The situation is in stall. Click hereto adjust the content of the private message.