Capturing and encoding video has been problem-free as well. Wed Feb 01, 8: How nice of nvidia to make this clear, and how nice of the motherboard makers to pass on the information. Return to General Hardware Discussion. I thought it was funny to find you. What was odd is that DVD playback worked fine. But switched to the MS driver.

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May 16, Posts: Apr 15, Posts: I’ve been using them on my Primary Nforce3 based system, and no issues here. I use them with no problem.

It’s what everyone I know who is in the know is using. Click on the Driver tab.

Oct 24, Posts: Jul 5, Posts: May 7, Posts: I’ve been on quite a few forums over the years Dodec, if your driver version is 6. Geezer57 Ars Scholae Palatinae Registered: Win98SE will give you a message to please reboot in normal mode. Fri Jan 06, 7: I recommend staying far far away from them.


If you want to change that, go into “Update Driver” in the same place you found the Driver Details and you should get a list of all the drivers MS has in its OS. May 14, Posts: Nfodce2 Feb 01, 8: And since your Driver Details said the driver was made by nVidia, that elimiates the last two choices. Crashman Oct 17,4: Now do Properties on the controller not the channels.

Do you use the IDE Driver from Nvidia?

It is the hard drive size that makes the difference. Mar 3, Posts: The NForce MCP2 drivers that come as part of the original Windows XP install do not have these problems, for whatever reason, and are considered the most stable. From there click on the driver tab on the top part of the box that came up and then on Driver Details. Kerry56 Ars Tribunus Militum Tribus: Nvvidia it’s got problems.


I use it on my nForce2 and nForce3 boards. Ignore it, and load the drives, then reboot in normal, and finish the setup normally. But, I did suspect that there was SOME data corruption happening because some videos that I’ve downloaded that were perfect start having video corruption spots after awhile.


Fri Jan 06, 6: Enabling DMA has always gotten me reasonable tranfer rates also.

Choice 2 in your post is the correct choice, Dodec. Never had a problem that I know of and performance seems snappier with them though I’m sure it’s not quantifiable at all. No I never use the nVidia driver. Thing is, it never happened before, nforde2 to all revolve around Civilization 4.