Review details Hide [Product name] Our verdict Undoubtedly there is a market for such a printer, as can be demonstrated by the fact it’s on sale, but it’s difficult to see who would benefit from purchasing one. If you really need a printer this small and portable, then the SiPix Pocket Printer A6 is well worth considering — and it does have a certain geeky charm. We can’t tell you the pros and cons because we haven’t reviewed it yet. Specifications Weight 14 oz with batteries and roll paper 8. Sign up to receive email alerts about our events Sign up. You don’t even need to carry the included serial cable if you can rely on the Infrared driver supplied for your Palm OS device. Because the paper is thermal, it does need to stay away from a direct heat source.

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Prlnter, its market is reliant on either those with a need to work from hard-copy documents, or those sipix pocket printer a6 the patience for curled-up copy. For power, the printer uses four AA alkaline, rechargeable batteries or the included AC adapter.

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That’s okay though because you can add your own review and we’ll feature it here. Sign up to receive email alerts about our events Sign up. Or use with your notebook computer to quickly print contracts, presentations, and spreadsheets anytime and anywhere. Infrared capability is built in for both convenience when on the move, and sipix pocket printer a6 to allow xipix direct from Palm devices OS 3.

SiPix Pocket Printer A6

The energy-saving feature saves power by automatically shutting off the printer after three minutes of nonuse. This time I sipix pocket printer a6 the choice of waiting in a line at the ticket counter that would easily take an hour, or simply whip out my Pocket Printer A6 and “beam” the itinerary to a paper print out.


A 2-in-1 detachable for the mobile professional. At less than 14 total weight with batteriesthe printer is light enough to carry everywhere you go. Featuring wireless infrared connectivity for use sipix pocket printer a6 infrared enabled devices, the Pocket Printer A6 is ideal for mobile computing.

A lightweight notebook for mobile workers. Although text is clear enough, graphics look grainy: This size limitation can make actually doing anything with the hard copy, such as editing, a little difficult. Print directly to the printer without using cables. Review details Hide [Product name] Our sipix pocket printer a6 Undoubtedly there is a market for such a printer, as can be demonstrated by the fact it’s on sale, but it’s difficult sipix pocket printer a6 see who would benefit from purchasing one.

For those without infrared, a serial cable is included. Yes, it allows for the printing of documents longer than one A6 sheet, but the resulting printout is curled up, again like a till receipt. You can print wirelessly from your Palm Handheld or laptop, or use the included serial cable.

You can run it on rechargeables. Like all portable printers, the SiPix eschews traditional printing methods and opts for the thermal option.

Sorry, we haven’t reviewed this product yet. Bizarrely, unlike the full release of IrPrint, the bundled version does not allow for printing of Word and Excel documents from Documents To Gothereby vastly reducing the functionality of the device.

Instead of using ink to print the output, it physically burns it onto special heat-sensitive paper. Frustratingly, if a continuous roll is inserted into the printer, single sheets cannot be used at the same time: Overview Reviews Specs Write sipix pocket printer a6 Review.


Sipix pocket printer a6 a more positive note, the Pocket Printer A6 is small, and with a sipix pocket printer a6 between a black plastic or translucent blue model, you should have no trouble matching it with your notebook.

SiPix Pocket Printer A6 specs – Engadget

Poclet am very much satisfied with this product, it print easily from your Palm-powered PDA or notebook computer. However, its mechanism is closely related to that of a till roll printer, and sipix pocket printer a6 quality of the output reflects that. Available in both solid black and translucent cool blue, the Pocket Printer A6 is the ideal mobile companion.

LG 32GKF gaming monitor. DNS rebinding attacks could affect million enterprise IoT sipix pocket printer a6. Purchase Order Why Us. The printer is pleasantly quiet in use, although it can only manage two pages a minute and lacks a line feed button to advance the paper. The A6’s roll paper keeps the paper in a pretty tight scroll form, but after flattening it a bit and checking my ID, Printwr was on my way through X-ray. You may unsubscribe from printre newsletters at any time.

Installing the driver software on a Palm handheld is simple enough, and you can then print sipix pocket printer a6 text applications.