Sadly they are still somewhere between Singapore and Australia. This page is set up to provide information on an effort to add 3rd party support for these units in order to provide a full speed DMX interface. A retro fit of new 3rd party firmware is now MAY 18th in testing. I will make some testing and keep you posted on my results. Purchasers will have reason to be happy that indeed they good performance and value out of their purchase.

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Velleman K8062 USB Controlled DMX Interface Kit

If so let me know. What it does is count the number of consecutive zero value channels, If and when velldman aline with the start of the payload of the USB packet and rather than send them as individual channels it instead sends a count of the number of zero channels over the USB HID interface.

Without vellemn to picky about very exact timings the general comparison is:. It is a drop in replacement for the existing firmware chip and requires no vdlleman or circuit modifications to work. This package will be uploaded to web shortly but In the meantime I will happily email it to anyone requesting it. The protocol used between the Velleman firmware and the software uses a simple form of compression in order to increase the speed.

So far this appears to be working well and it is now entering the Beta test stage. Retrieved from ” https: I have four questions. Yet I discover that this is not the case after reading this blog. Despite the availability of newer technology that would have allowed for many improvements the K as sold today still works the same as the very first units sold.


Q Light Controller+

To get the most from VX the transfer size of the HID packets needs adjusting from 8-bytes vellemman bytes per transfer. As this time I do not know how this will fit in but there has been a fair amount of research happening. Depending on the sort of interest and feedback received the project will be further developed so please if you are interested please drop me a line.

Now you are talking about a modified K Meanwhile I have search for a replacement device vellmean case the Vellemenan does not do the job. Sadly they are still somewhere between Singapore and Australia. It was designed in a time where cheap microcontrollers with a USB peripherials only supported USB working in low speed mode. There is also some additional protocol commands in the VX that address short comings in the existing protocol as outlined above. For i8062 that use a small number of channels or don’t vleleman high speed updates this may be sufficient.

We’ve launched our new site at www. I don’t want to pay a fortune for this but I have found two models that are not too expensive.

Velleman USB Controlled DMX Interface Kit K

A proof of concept package is available now free of charge. The designer of the original firmware made some attempt to address the poor throughput of their unit. However verified by several people Velleman decided to remain with the low speed mode and not upgrade the performance of the K, probably to ensure backwards compatibility with the units they had already shipped.


This enables faster transfer rates when when the data consists of consecutive 0s. Can you tell me exactly what you need vflleman them in order to solve the problem with Velleman device. The development of this new software has delayed the release of the firmware by a few days but it does represent a huge leap in the development of this update.

Velleman K Upgrade – wiki. Allegedly they were shipped last week so they should not be far off. There are a number of possibilities for further upgrades like pixel support and hyper DMX and other stuff. In addition I have been involved in the DIY Christmas lighting community here in Australia just to get a feel of where to direct this project. This works out to be an gelleman transfer rate of bytes per second. vel,eman

The Proof of concept package is now in its third release after some valuable feedback. I will make some testing and keep you posted on my results.